Strategic recruitment

  • End-to-end recruitment for key roles
  • Shortlist interviewing
  • Culture-fit on-boarding follow-up
  • Facilitated performance management discussions

Partnering with clients, we seek to achieve the ideal culture fit, role fit and people fit, empowering better businesses. We do this by clearly defining each unique role and person specification, understanding the behaviours and other factors that will drive success, and aligning those with an organisation’s specific strategy and culture. Our unique approach for translating those elements into our interview process then positions us to determine the best possible candidate aligned to your culture. This is supported by a contact program to ensure the expectations and aspirations of both parties are being met in the first 90 days and beyond. Our rigorous, honest and transparent process sets a benchmark.

Outstanding candidate feedback demonstrates we engage the highest calibre people:

“Carroll Consulting has placed me into a non-executive director role. Although the brief wasn’t straightforward, the team was professional, diligent and thorough, and kept me engaged through the process.” – Steve Targett

“The Carroll Consulting team works closely with you to prepare you to achieve the best possible outcome – one that considers both skill set and cultural fit to potential opportunities. They ensure that, as a candidate, you are well-prepared with key one-on-one discussions and detailed reviews of all information presented.” – Anthony Lahood


  • Personality and abilities
  • Values and motivations
  • CDI-Pro Leadership Rating™

We partner with an internationally-recognised provider of psychological assessments to deliver rigorous tests that cover areas such as personality and abilities, and values and motivations, as well as more traditional psychological assessments.

We also offer our proprietary CDI-Pro Leadership Rating™, which tests four attributes that are consistently linked to high performance and success in leadership roles: curiosity (C), making a difference (D), an improvement focus (I) and proactivity (Pro). CDI-Pro brings additional insight to further strengthen our candidate profiles and better position clients to make confident and informed decisions. It also has value for better understanding existing team members and their strengths. CDI-Pro is a thorough and scientific assessment backed by Psytech International’s assessment engine.

 Culture-Fit Recruitment

  • Full recruitment process training
  • Interviewing for culture fit
  • Reference checking
  • Sourcing and talent pipelining

Where: public or in-house training
Who: individuals or groups
Length: sessions range from 90 minutes to 4 hours

Change the way you recruit and add more value to your capacity and bottom line with our Culture-Fit Recruitment. We upskill in-house teams so you can ensure repeatable success through recruitment and reduce the risk and costs of mis-hires. Our training programs share some of the strategies Ian Hamilton and our Carroll Consulting team have used to successfully achieve outstanding recruitment outcomes across nearly 30 years. These include Ian’s insights as a Certified Master Practitioner in the US-based Top Grading methodology and Fellow of the RCSA, as well as Carroll Consulting’s rigorous and transparent process focused on achieving a strong culture fit for leadership and other senior roles.

Sessions can be tailored to suit your requirements so please contact us on 07 3833 6288 or for a tailored training quote for your team.

“Carroll Consulting has helped train our staff in our emerging leaders program through various aspects of HR recruitment. Ian’s years of experience in this field enable him to simplify a complex process into manageable strategies.” – Massimo Rosazza

“The workshop offered by Carroll Consulting provided an interactive and hands-on approach to critiquing and understanding the facts behind the words in a CV. The forum both challenged and changed my view on interviewing techniques for the better and I took away multiple tools to help our business succeed.” – Brendan Hawes