One of the greatest challenges for busy or fast-growing businesses is investing time in assessing whether their organisational structure is enabling or constraining growth. Profitable companies can fall into the trap of interpreting their present-day success as proof that they have the right people in place. As demand grows, they are more likely to pursue additional tactical team members to help in delivery.

We had been working with one of our clients for several years, supporting their operational recruitment, when we saw a capability bottleneck forming at a senior level. There was mounting pressure on the Managing Director who was bridging a broad portfolio of strategic and operational oversight. Despite this reality, they were not convinced they needed another executive.

Create the space to consider new people strategies

Having built a long-standing relationship with the owner, we had the dual advantage of understanding their present-day drivers as well as taking a helicopter view of their operations. Our team clearly saw the need for a senior strategist to support the Managing Director and release the potential of the business.

Recognising the step change such an appointment required, we initiated a process to help the company explore the value potential of an internal executive strategist. We connected them with a company who had been through a similar stage in their business development. Through this they gained fresh insight into the benefits of adding more depth to their structure. They created a new executive role in response.

Enable growth through your people

At face value this is not conventional recruitment. The role did not exist and there was no internal demand for it. The pace of business today means that organisations cannot always see what they need to further their success. This is where advisors, working in the best interests of a business, become true partners by providing new perspective and assessment of opportunities and needs. They hired an executive strategist and their business continued on its growth path.

Success factors for your business

  • Assess your organisational structure not only for what is there but for potential gaps that might be preventing greater success
  • Explore new people strategies by meeting with professionals who can provide a new perspective and help you identify the value new roles can bring
  • Partner with advisors who have the capacity to understand your business and contribute to your growth strategy