Equal Opportunity Policy

Carroll Consulting is an employer where equal opportunity is valued.  Carroll Consulting recognises its moral and legal responsibilities to provide an equal opportunity workplace.  

The objective of Carroll Consulting is to improve organisational success by;

  • Attracting and retaining the people best suited to the performance requirements of the role
  • Working with employers that provide a safe, respectful and flexible work environment
  • Delivering our services in a safe, respectful and flexible way

The way we will do this is by:

  • Ensuring that all recruitment, selection and promotion decisions are based on the best qualified and experienced person
  • Providing transparent communication and feedback throughout the recruitment process while adhering to privacy laws
  • Ensuring people are treated fairly and equitably in an environment free of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and/or discrimination based on the grounds of;

– race, colour, national or ethnic origin, nationality;
– sex or gender, sexual preference, marital status, pregnancy, status as a parent or a carer;
– religious or political belief or activity, industrial activity;
– age, physical features, disability, medical record;
– personal association with a person who is identified by reference to any of the listed attributes.