A major test facing organisations today is circular recruitment. This is akin to a revolving door that results from candidates presenting effectively during their interviews but ultimately proving to be poorly matched to the unique culture of a given business.

In the case of one of our clients, Kilcoy Pastoral Company, by the time we were appointed to recruit for a senior management role, they had spent considerable money in both recruitment fees and lost productivity through hiring a number of people who were not right for the role.

Set a strategic path

We worked with the CEO and Divisional Manager to establish a new approach to the hiring process. Rather than pursuing people who simply had the ‘right’ track record at a tactical level, we started by documenting the behaviours that were right for the role and creating a clear and agreed brief regarding the person we were looking for. This effectively became a recruitment road map and set the strategic path for determining whether people were aligned to the role’s requirements and the business’ future. Communicating with the client throughout the process ensured accountability and transparency regarding our work and also enabled the business to maintain a clear focus on the agreed success factors during decision-making.

Achieve the right result

The rigour of the mapping exercise and the quality foundation it established for the interview process ultimately delivered the desired result. We secured a candidate with both the track record and the behaviours that confirmed them as the best fit for the role. They have contributed significantly to business expansion and improved competitive advantage.

The right strategic path delivers outright cost savings while contributing value to the business by connecting high performers with organisations in which they will thrive.

Success factors for your business

  • Reduce the cost of your recruitment by investing more time up-front defining the role
  • Ensure there is a strong focus on cultural fit, which is well-documented, rather than purely industry experience and qualifications based criteria
  • Commit to the behaviours determined as right for the role and support those not only through the recruitment process but right through induction and beyond – stand by your strategy and vision