Leaders in culture-fit recruitment

An organisation’s competitive advantage can take a diversity of forms – ideas…networks…technologies…and more. However, there is one area that underpins any organisation’s competitive advantage and that is its people. Your people drive your capacity to maintain and even increase your point of difference in the market and bring your strategy to life.

At Carroll Consulting, this sits at the heart of our reason for being. We help clients identify and attract the leaders and key people they need to succeed using an intensive, unique recruitment process developed over nearly 30 years. We are passionate about three core ideas – culture fit, role fit and people fit – all driven by our priority of empowering better businesses. We partner with you to build a clear profile of the competencies you need to achieve your strategic objectives, your team’s core purpose, and the behaviours and values that will underpin success. With these defined, our rigorous process guides the way we engage candidates to connect you with people who are aligned to your role requirements and culture.

Through our recruitment services, and our supporting assessment and training services, we seek to bring clarity, insight and skill to the development of your team. Our approach is proven to remove risk, create certainty and support organisational success by growing a long-term team aligned to your culture, values and strategy. The longevity and career progression of our placements in particular demonstrate the impact that a culturally-focused, values-aligned, strategic approach can have on your recruitment success and staff retention.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your business and how we can support your objectives.

How we work

Our deep, rigorous process guides the way we work. We focus on helping you map the competencies you need to achieve your strategic objectives, working through a unique briefing process designed to build a solid foundation of understanding before moving into an individual assignment. It creates a recruitment blueprint so that every move you make is ultimately about the attraction and retention of a fit-for-purpose team.

Our work is backed by extensive, high-quality search tools that enable us to match the reach of national and international recruiters with the added benefits of senior consultants and tailored services focused on the Australian market. Practices such as strong validations, and a commitment to presenting balanced views of candidates and the recruitment market, further enable the right person to be found and reduce hiring risk.

the recruitment process

No different to your business, while our process is a key differentiator of the way we work, it is ultimately brought to life by our team. They are each trusted advisors who have a genuine desire to engage with, and understand, our clients and their businesses to deliver a transparent, honest, value-adding outcome. Along the recruitment lifecycle, this includes our ability to tap into our suite of proprietary and third-party assessments and our training modules to leave a lasting legacy for clients.